Episode 20

Tod Waters: Junker Designs

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Mindful Mutiny, where I, Jeremy Van Wert, your trusted host, delve into the fascinating realms of creativity, innovation, and resilience. Today, we're honored to feature the incredible Tod Waters, a visionary force with a trailblazing journey that began in the heart of Manhattan and left an indelible mark on Houston's '80s and '90s music and art scene.

🚀 Tod Waters' storied trajectory unfolds from his early days in Houston, where he absorbed influences like Ultraman, horror movies, and Star Wars, cultivating a passion for drawing and exploration. His rebellious spirit emerged in school, where he faced trouble for turning papers and desks into canvases. In the punk rock scene, Tod found solace, expressing himself through music, art, and fearless fashion choices.

🌐 Explore Tod's extensive career and impact on the creative scene:

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🎨 As a visual artist, fabricator, and founder of Junker Designs, Tod has seamlessly blended punk aesthetics with innovation. His impact transcends Houston's underground scene, resonating with fans and collaborators alike. From age-defying fashion experiments to influential contributions in the punk music landscape, Tod's journey is a testament to the transformative power of creative expression.

🔍 Dive into Tod Waters' insightful anecdotes, from his rebellious high school days to crafting a vest that caught the eye of none other than Lenny Kravitz, sparking a creative journey that would redefine his path. Discover the philosophy of regeneration and reuse that defines Tod's art, turning abandoned materials into captivating forms.

💼 Join us in this in-depth conversation as we explore Tod Waters' unique vision, artistic prowess, and his enduring commitment to reshaping creative landscapes. Don't miss this opportunity to unravel the layers of Tod's artistic journey and the legacy he continues to build.

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