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Exploring Howard Wiggins: A Journey Through Music, Design, and Film


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In this episode, we have the pleasure of introducing Howard Wiggins, a true

renaissance spirit with a fascinating lineage. As the son of Little Roy

Wiggins, the legendary guitarist who played alongside icons like Patsy Cline,

Howard inherits a rich musical legacy. Little Roy was not only a guitarist but

also one of the original board members for the Grand Ole Opry.


creativity extends beyond music. Recognized as one of the world's thirty-five

leading interior designers in Andrew, his design talents were showcased in the

2016 feature "Christmas at Designers, Homes Across America."


master of reinvention, Howard seamlessly transitioned through various careers,

gracing the screen today as an actor and model. His roles in films like

"The Haunted Farmhouse," "Legends of the Undead," "The

Last Supper," and "Dead of Night" attest to his multifaceted



another layer to his journey, Howard is a regular panel guest on the podcast

"Movie Reviews and More." Join us as we delve into the fascinating

and diverse life of Howard Wiggins, only on Mindful Mutiny.


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