Episode 15

Amanda Buckman: Autism, Sex, and Marriage


to another empowering episode of Mindful Mutiny! I'm your host, Jeremy Van

Wert, a CEO, Therapist, and Transformational coach, here to guide you on a

journey of positivity, incredible life stories, achievement, spirituality, and

unlocking your human potential. Join me at www.jeremyvanwert.com, and explore more on my social media channels: https://sociatap.com/JeremyVanWert/. In this episode, we delve into the insightful

world of Amanda Buckman, a seasoned Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and

mother of four. Amanda specializes in empowering neurodiverse couples and

parents of neurodivergent children, leveraging her personal experiences and

professional expertise. Discover the keys to positive communication, conflict

resolution, and celebrating small victories in relationships. Visit Amanda's

profile at https://www.neurodiversecouplescounseling.com/amanda-buckman. Tune in on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube as we

unravel Amanda's wisdom on navigating the intricate dynamics of relationships

and parenting. #MindfulMutiny #PositiveRelationships #NeurodiverseParenting


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Jeremy Van Wert is a renowned coach, licensed psychotherapist, and former CEO, celebrated for his transformative impact on personal development and mental health over the past two decades. Originating from being known as a ‘troublemaker’ having spent many days in the principal's office, Jeremy discovered his potential in a revered musical performing organization, learning the value of resilience, personal strength, and teamwork. He later ascended to CEO, leveraging his deep-seated positivity and relentless pursuit of excellence to inspire others to transcend their perceived limits.Jeremy's coaching practice targets high-achieving individuals, utilizing his expertise to remove personal hurdles and enhance their life’s vision, and consistently revealing their hidden capabilities. A pivotal part of his professional odyssey involves his exploration of plant-based psychedelic medicine, shaping his coaching philosophy and practice towards personal empowerment. Today, he aids clients in overcoming obstacles, crushing self-doubt, and unlocking their limitless potential. Due to Jeremys own transformation he is now on a mission to help others know that they possess the ability to redefine their destiny, no matter where they started.